Educate. Elevate. Connect.

Located in Côte d'Ivoire, ADEI Institute of Technology is a development and innovation center for tech entrepreneurs and developers to learn, connect, grow and innovate. 

We are developing a pipeline of talent capable of taking advantage of the global digital economy and leveraging opportunities in their communities and beyond.



We drive socio-economic development in Côte d’Ivoire through technology by fostering opportunities for entrepreneurs, talent and innovation.


ADEI Elevate

Elevate high-potential startups, talent, and ideas and increase their access to capital.

ADEI Connect

Connect entrepreneurs, talent, innovators, and investors across the regional and international tech ecosystem.

ADEI Educate

Educate students and professionals with technical and entrepreneurial skills.


Entrepreneurship Program

We train and assist Ivorian tech startups, to facilitate their access to local and international capital investment.

Technical skills training

We develop top-notch talents, with a focus on women, and offer a basic skills training to the local Ivorian community.

Innovation & Development Lab

We provide a space where developers can create software products and foster innovation across various sectors in Côte d'Ivoire.





My father strongly influenced my life, my vision, my aspirations; he raised me to seek to make an impact, and aspire to change the world.


He was a visionary who, early in the advent of the internet, envisioned a program to foster access to internet and technology literacy in Côte d’Ivoire. A man who influenced my choice of education towards a career in technology, having identified it as a career of the future, even in Africa. His work in participative economies, developing economies and advocacy for investment in human capital guides Adei Foundation's approach.

Adei is the nickname of my father's dear mother. A woman he knew too briefly, yet set an expectation for him to aim to achieve great things, a path he also cleared for me to follow. ​

- Odomitchi Anikpo, Founder


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